At NextStepLiving, we share practical, real-life tips, frugality, sustainability, inspiration, and how-tos. From entertaining and home repair how-tos to decorating and cooking tricks, NextStepLiving can show you how.

Articles that will be posted on NextStepLiving site will explore real-life ideas, optimizing, do-it-yourself projects, taking ownership, and living life on your own terms.

You will discover how learning to do it yourself can be fun and a key enabling skill allowing anyone to lead a fulfilling life of self-reliance, financial independence, and ultimately, happiness.

Not everything should be DIY by everyone, but learning to do some things yourself can lead to something bigger than just a few dollars saved. Knowing how to do HVAC system maintenance yourself instead of calling a contractor will save you thousands of dollars in service fees, and it might also give you confidence in tackling other typically outsourced projects.

Soon it will become a snowball of growing skills, confidence, and savings that will leave an imprint on all other areas of your life.