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Lisa is a professional content creator and mother whose interests include food and cooking, parenting tips, DIY decorating, gardening and metaphysical topics like astrology and meditation. She has over ten years of experience writing for the web and specializes in crafting informative website content, blog posts, and articles that educate readers.

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Pima Community College
- Computer Science

HubSpot Academy
- Content Marketing Certification
- SEO Certification

Posts by Lisa Musser

Simple Cake

Learn How to Bake a Cake in 10 Steps

Baking may seem intimidating as it requires accurate measuring and baking times. Unlike cooking, where you may add a little more of this and a dash more of that, baking is not quite as forgiving. Baking …

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Butter Cake

How to Make a Butter Cake in 5 Steps

Butter cakes are probably the most popular type of cake. Classic American cakes typically consist of two layers of buttery cake that are filled and covered with a sweet frosting. Butter cakes contain fat, usually butter, …

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Foam Cake

What is a Foam Cake? (Explained)

Foam cakes and sponge cakes are delicate cakes made with little or no fat, such as butter, oil, or shortening, making them lighter and airier than butter cakes. Most foam cake recipes have no little or …

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