10 Best Gifts Ideas for Dog Lovers That Will Raise the Woof

Dog Lover

Do you know someone who loves dogs, and you want to give them a gift? If so, you have come to the right place. We have some gift ideas to check out – both for the human and the four-legged companion!

The important thing to remember is that you want to get something that both will enjoy. This can be difficult sometimes, but with our list of ideas, you will find something they’ll love – or at least get some ideas for your gift.

Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves dogs, this list of gift ideas is a great starting point.

1. Futon Dog Bed

This is more for the dog, but you can be sure that the dog’s owner will also be happy. Many different styles are available, with all sorts of materials used to make the bed. The only drawback to this gift idea is that it can be expensive if you try to stay under a specific dollar amount.

2. The Tagg Tracker

This is around $100 with an $8/month fee currently, but it’s beneficial – especially for dogs that like to wander away for one reason or another. This GPS collar clip and charger station is pretty nifty and will let you know how much exercise your dog is getting and where they are at all times.

3. Dyson Groom Tool

You can get this for $70, but anyone with one will tell you it’s worth that and much more. If you have a dog that sheds a lot during the warmer months, this is a fantastic way to take care of it with your Dyson mower. Over 300 individual slicker bristles help collect as much hair as possible.

4. Filson Dog Car Seat Saver

This is great for people who like to take their canine friend(s) in the car. It gives smaller dogs a comfortable place to sit while not tearing up the inside of your car. Be prepared to spend around $150 on this, but it will make an excellent gift.

5. Mutt Mitt

This is an excellent, biodegradable way for a friend or loved one to pick up poop left behind by their puppy. It’s only $10 for a hundred of them, which is inexpensive. It makes a substantial gift for any dog owner who has complained about following their dog around lately.

6. Custom Pet Portrait

If you have a picture of a pet, it’s straightforward to get a portrait done of them. Trust us when we say dog lovers will go crazy over this one. Prices for this will range anywhere from $20 to $200 or more, depending on the artist you have done the portrait.

7. Wooden Leash Holder

You’ve probably heard of a key holder and things to hold jackets or coats, but check into getting a wooden leash holder. If you’re creative, get one shaped like a dog bone. You can make this on your own if you’re good at woodworking.

8. FURminator deShedding Tool

This inexpensive gift will go over well with a dog and its owner. It’s specially made to help with shedding dogs during the warmer months. This is a high-quality grooming tool that is sure to be appreciated.

9. Books on Dog Training

Do you know someone who has a dog that misbehaves a lot? Why not get them a book (or over one) on how to train their dog? This probably won’t be a good gift idea if you were complaining about the behavior of someone’s dog, but if the pet owner was complaining, get some obedience books!

10. Dog Movies

This great gift idea doesn’t cost a lot of money and will make a dog lover smile. Avoid the well-known classics and get something they might not have seen before.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Dog Lovers

As long as you spend some time thinking about the people who are getting your gift and make it something personal, there’s a good chance they’re going to like what you get.

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