9 Best Gift Ideas for Coworkers That Will Show Your Appreciation


Do you have a coworker about to celebrate his or her birthday, has been awarded, or accomplished something significant in his or her life? Aside from personally greeting your coworker, why don’t you give him/her a unique gift?

If there are good relationships and rapport among all the employees in your office or workplace, you can actually give fun, crazy, and even bizarre gifts. To relieve that stress in thinking, here are unique gift ideas for your coworkers.

Top 9 Best Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Gifts Which Can Relieve Office Stress

Here are gifts that can lighten up the mood and can keep the enthusiasm or energy of workers all day long.

1. Exercise Ball

If your boss or employer is not strictly on the items, you can bring them into the office, you can actually provide your coworker with an exercise ball. The great thing about this item is that everyone can share and enjoy it.

2. Office Stress Toys

Yes, there are actually toys that are meant for office workers. The primary goal is to relieve stress. Stress balls, kinetic sculptures, Newton’s Cradle, and mini sports toys are examples.

3. Seat and Back Cushion or Support

If your coworker is spending hours sitting in his/her chair working, it would give her a painful day. It’s even more painful if the chairs in your office are not that good in design. Give him/her an ergonomic cushion, which can cushion or support, especially the back.

Unique Gifts Which Can Be Used in the Office

Here are coworker gift ideas that can be useful at the office.

4. Branded Sign Pen

Regardless of your coworker’s rank, a stylish signature pen can let him/her experience how executives pen their documents.

5. Personalized Notepad

A notepad is an essential office, but you can make it more special by personalizing the design or choosing a fun or oddly shaped one.

6. Unique Calendar

Another useful office aid is the calendar. But instead of plain paper, consider buying a digital, mechanized, or uniquely style calendar.

Other Coworker Gifts

If you haven’t made a choice from the above list yet, try the following.

7. Plaque of Appreciation

It’s unusual, but all your other office mates or coworkers can agree and contribute to giving a plaque of appreciation to that particular person. This is ideal if he/she receives an award, accomplishes a milestone, or perhaps, a retiring friend or employee.

8. Mini Terrarium

Dependent on his or her working space, you can give a mini terrarium, which requires minimal maintenance compared to a potted plant. A terrarium is also much more beautiful, which can certainly improve the looks of his or her workplace.

9. Supplements

A gift of health is also possible. You can let him or her try supplements that are popular and noted to be effective in improving physical health or energy. You can give generic supplements like vitamins, minerals, or some wonder herbs like ginseng or fruit and vegetable extracts.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Coworkers

Gifts meant for coworkers usually express well-wishes or gratitude, thus, you can keep your gift as simple as possible.

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