16 Best Gifts Ideas for a Girlfriend That Are Sure to Impress

Boyfriend and Girlfriend

If you have a special woman in your life, you might be thinking about buying her a unique and awesome gift. We’re here to help with a rundown of great gift ideas.

You should remember that the thought counts the most, not the money you spend. Take the time and find something that she will actually enjoy – even if it doesn’t cost a ton of money.

The following list is some girlfriend great gift ideas. You might want to give more special items if it’s a special occasion.

Top 16 Gifts for a Girlfriend:

Gifts for Her Favorites

Your initial gift ideas should focus on what she likes or wants to have.

1. Sports or Hobby Items

Buy and give her a new item or equipment she can use in her hobby or sport. If she’s into tennis, give her a new or personalized racket. If she’s into fitness dancing, dancing shirts and pants would be nice.

2. Fictional Book

Not all women love reading books. And if you’re lucky to have an intelligent girlfriend who is passionate about reading, you can give her a fictional book. She will certainly be interested in the newest and most popular releases.

3. Vintage Bicycle

This is a good idea for a girlfriend who is athletic and likes riding bikes but still has a sense of style. Make sure you do your research before spending this much on a bicycle so you get something authentic.

4. Purse or Clutch

For women who love fashion and design, a new purse is going to make them happy. It’s important to make sure you know a little about fashion yourself so you get something you know they’ll love.

5. Comfy Slippers

While bunny slippers might be okay for some girlfriends, try to look around and find something high quality that will be stylish and comfortable – i.e. something she will actually wear more than occasionally.

6. Latest Tablet or Phone

This may not sound like a unique gift, but it can be. If you’ve known your girlfriend for a while, why not get her a new mobile device? You can even make sure it has a custom case that fits her personality. While it can be a bit expensive, if you stop and think about it, surely she’s worth the little extra money. Just make sure you’re creative when you pick out the device.

7. Portable Speaker

A lot of great speakers for iPhones or other mobile devices are available these days. If your girlfriend is a music lover or movie watcher, get her a decent way to enjoy the audio.

8. La Mason Du Chocolate Truffles

At around $100, this may seem like an overpriced box of chocolate, but you really have to taste the truffles to understand why people are willing to pay so much.

9. Flowers

This may sound boring and old-fashioned, but you can bet your girlfriend would love getting surprised with a bouquet of flowers at work or home. Remember that you don’t need to get roses to express your love.

Symbolic Gifts

Her presents are given not only for their physical use or value but also for the symbolic meanings they carry.

10. A New Pet

Long-term couples who already have plans to settle down and form a family usually start with pets instead of actual children. You might not have a baby yet, but a cute pet would be the ideal substitute.

11. Pair of Personalized Pillows

Of course, pillows are used for their main purpose, but adding pictures, logos, or messages on them symbolizes your love for each other.

12. Birthstone Bracelet

Most of the time, you should be able to find a nice silver or gold bracelet with a gemstone that represents the month your girlfriend was born in. Just make sure you double-check and get the right stone!

13. Couples Piggy Bank

More popularly known as his and hers piggy bank. Women want commitment in a relationship, and having joint savings or earnings symbolizes your commitment to making the relationship more fruitful and ready.

Unique Gift Ideas

If you want to give something different, here are some new ideas.

14. Ornate Jewelry

When you are only in the early dating or boyfriend/girlfriend stage, it’s not necessary to invest and give expensive pieces of jewelry made of gold, platinum, or studded with diamond. You can start with crafty or ornate jewelry.

15. Heat-activated Mugs

Personalizing a mug that you will give is great, but it’s best to amaze her with a cute mug design activated by heat.

16. Custom-made Stuffed Toys

Because of technology, you are no longer limited to ready-made stuffed toys. There are now shops that customize stuffed toys in whatever form or design you like. Give her a mini replica of you, or best, a mini couple that you can exchange.

Final Thoughts on Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend

While we’ve given you a lot of gift ideas in this article, at the end of the day it’s your decision. The more you listen and know about your girlfriend, the easier it will be to get her a gift at any price.

Finally, it’s important to note that the success of your relationship is not solely dependent on surprises and gifts. Both of you should also adapt and try to be perfect complements of each other. The final decision is yours.

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