10 Best Gift Ideas for Dads That Will Show Your Appreciation

Dad and Daugther

Father’s Day is almost here, but it’s not too late to find the perfect gift for your dad. We list ten different awesome gifts that most fathers will love. At the very least, we might give you some ideas of your own on what to get your parent.

10 Best Gifts Ideas for Dads

Here’s a rundown of some of the more popular gifts for dads.

Tech Gifts

1. Netgear Mingle

This portable WiFi hotspot from Virgin Mobile uses the 4G LTE network from Sprint to offer internet access when nothing else is available. There’s a monthly charge with this one, but if you’re worried about that, you can go ahead and pay a few months ahead before you give it to your dad to use.

2. iTie

While getting a regular tie may not be something that’s done a lot anymore, the iTie is a digital version of the tie. The electronics replace the knot and can display information or just patterns. If this is too expensive, you can also buy SwipeTies, made of a material that allows dad to use his tie to clean his screen easily without smudges.

3. TaskLab’s TaskOne G3

A multipurpose toolset or Swiss Army knife is excellent, but imagine combining them with an iPhone case. Dad will feel like MacGyver when he uses this helpful set of tools. It has 22 different tools that pop out and can be used, including a bottle opener, a knife, and various screwdrivers. Just make sure he doesn’t take it on a plane when he’s flying!

4. DryCase

This is a complete waterproof enclosure for smartphones that only costs around $40 – a lot less than it would cost to repair or replace a modern mobile phone. The best part is that he can still use the phone because the front of it is clear plastic and pliable enough to actually use the phone.

5. Creative Vado HD

Available for just $180. This is an HD video camera that’s not much bigger than a typical smartphone. It’s excellent at taking footage in low light conditions and has many other features that he will enjoy. Overall, this is an excellent idea for any dads who want to take a lot of videos when they’re out and about.

6. Roku 3

For fathers who like watching a lot of television or movies, the Roku 3 is a great way to get streaming video from the internet to a TV, giving them many more choices. It’s straightforward to use and available for under $100, and it’s not super expensive, either.

7. Pebble Steel

This is a smart smartwatch. It works with iPhones or Android smartphones. The stainless steel design means it looks good, besides being useful because of all the apps you can run on it.

8. Tablet

This has an incredible screen that makes HD photos and video look truly unique. Whether it’s used for games, email, or even watching videos, or checking Facebook, this is a tablet that’s reasonably priced and very affordable when compared to some others on the market.

9. ZEPP Golf

With this and the free ZEPP Golf App, your dad can practice his golf swing. The lightweight sensor attaches to a glove that records information when he’s swinging the club. This data is then analyzed by the app so that he can see what he needs to work on more.

10. iDevices iGrill

If your dad loves a good BBQ and controlling the grill, they will enjoy having this simple device. You simply stick the gauge in the meat, and it will send a signal to a smartphone or tablet wirelessly, letting pops know when the meat is done or needs to be turned so that it doesn’t burn.

Final Thoughts on Gift Ideas for Dads

As you can see, finding a gift for dad does not need to be complicated. If you have any other cool ideas, comment and join the conversation.

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