The Right Way to Get Rid of Your Old Couch or Sofa

Old Couch

Do you have an old couch taking up space in your garage or basement? I know you’re probably thinking: “But it was expensive!” But if your couch looks beat up and worn out, it’s time to let it go.

Here are a few tips on getting rid of that old couch so you can make room for something new.

Couches are too large to put in the trash, and most garbage trucks won’t take them. The first thing you should try is to put it out on the curb with a “Free to Take” sign. If that doesn’t work after a day or two, try one of these other options.

Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Couch or Sofa

1. Sell It

Have a yard sale.

This is a great way to eliminate an old couch if you have a yard. If you don’t, try to get a spot near your house or apartment complex. People will be more likely to take the couch if it’s close by and easy to carry away.

List it for sale in a Facebook yard sale group.

If it is still in good shape, post it for sale on Facebook. Search “yard sale” or “garage sale” on Facebook and join any groups that interest you. Then, post your couch for sale in the group’s comments section. You can also post it on Facebook Marketplace if your area has no yard sales.

Sell it on consignment.

You can also check your local consignment shops. Call around and see if they’ll buy your couch from you and sell it for you. They will charge you a small commission, but the couch will go to a new home, and you’ll have a few dollars in your pocket.

List it on eBay.

Sell it through Craigslist or eBay. It might be worth listing your sofa on Craigslist or eBay if it’s in good condition and has sentimental value for you — someone out there might want to buy it. You can set it for local pickup, so you don’t have to pay shipping charges.

List it on LetGo.

The first step is to list your item on LetGo. You can do that from the app or by clicking “Get Cash” and choosing “I have something to sell.” Follow the prompts to upload photos of your item, write a description, set a price, and add any other relevant information. Once you’ve submitted your listing, you’ll receive an email so you know it’s been added and can track its progress immediately!

2. Give it Away

Give it away to a friend or neighbor.

If you have a friend or neighbor who is looking for furniture, maybe they’d be willing to take your old couch off your hands. You might be able to get a few dollars for it if you’re lucky. You could also offer up your couch as a gift for someone moving into a new place or going through hard times.

Give it away on Craigslist.

Craigslist is a great way to find new homes for your old furniture — or anything else you don’t need anymore. There is a “free” section for local pickup.

If you’re giving your couch away, be sure to include a picture and a detailed description of the condition of the couch in the ad.

Include information about whether it’s still usable (and if it isn’t usable, why not). If you can, include photos of both sides of the couch so potential buyers know what they’re getting into — and maybe even make them more excited about taking it off your hands!

3. Donate It

Take it to a thrift store or furniture bank.

If you don’t have any immediate plans for your old couch, consider donating it to a local charity. Many organizations accept gently used furniture and make it available to their clients. These include the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, and Habitat For Humanity ReStore. You can also check with local shelters or churches to see if they can use the furniture.

Goodwill accepts most types of large, bulky items. Call ahead before dropping off large items, though — not all stores accept them due to limited space and resources.

Salvation Army accepts most household items in good condition. Still, there are some restrictions on what can be donated: no sofas or mattresses (unless they’re stripped down), no toys or stuffed animals, no hazardous materials like paint cans or batteries, no electronic equipment older than five years old (including TVs and radios), no cribs or car seats (unless they’re clean).

Habitat ReStore sells new and used building materials at affordable prices; proceeds go toward Habitat for Humanity.

Organizations that accept furniture donations:

  • Goodwill
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • St. Vincent De Paul Society
  • Furniture Bank Network
  • The Salvation Army
  • Catholic Charities
  • The ARC

4. Upcycle It

Find another purpose for it.

If your couch needs a little TLC, you may be able to repurpose it into something new. Some ideas include:

Reupholster it. This option is excellent if your old couch has no significant structural damage or stains. A local upholsterer can remove the old fabric from the frame and replace it with a new one that suits your style better. You may even find a patterned material at a fabric store instead of buying an entire roll of fabric for your project!

Use the fabric for pillows or other accents in your home. You can often find scraps of leftover fabric at upholstery shops (or even ask if they’ll sell some), which makes these projects even easier! Don’t forget those throw pillows; if you’ve got enough material left over from reupholstering your couch, they will make great accents on their own or inside a pillow.

5. Haul It

Haul it to the dump.

If you have a truck or other large vehicle, you may consider hauling it to the dump if other efforts have failed. Some municipalities will charge you for the privilege of dropping off an old couch at their landfill sites.

But if you live in an area without charges for disposing of furniture, this may be the easiest option for removing your old couch.

Rent a roll-off dumpster.

Rather than paying for a single item to be hauled off, gather up everything that is old, broken, and takes up space in your home or garage and get rid of it all at once. The most efficient way of doing this is to rent a dumpster. A roll-off dumpster can be delivered to your home or business, filled with all the junk you want to go, and then taken away when you’re finished.

Hire a junk hauling service.

Hiring a junk hauling service is another option for removing an old couch. These companies will come by your home and remove all unwanted items — including couches! They’ll even load the items into their trucks, so you don’t have to lift a finger! These services offer flat rates much lower than hiring movers or renting a truck.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Rid of Old Couch

When you finish reading this article, you will have a few different ways to dispose of that old couch. The upcycling option may be the most time-consuming but also the greenest and most mindful choice. If you have the time, try that route first and see how it works for you. The charitable organization you choose to donate your furniture to will probably appreciate your compassion.

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