9 Ways to Dispose Of Old Appliances


Ever wonder what to do with those old appliances taking up precious space in your home? Believe it or not, these items can’t just be tossed into the regular recycling bin.

This article will guide you through safely and sustainably disposing of your old appliances.

Ready to declutter and save the planet all at once? Let’s get started!

Evaluating Your Old Appliance

Before you dispose of your old appliance, evaluating its condition is key. Ask yourself if it still functions or can be repaired. Consider the potential for repurposing it before resorting to recycling.

Does It Still Work?

Check your old appliance. Does it turn on? Is it doing its job well? If yes, you might not need to throw it away yet. Even if there are minor issues, these can often be fixed. YouTube and Pinterest offer great ideas for fixing things.

Your old appliance could still have a lot of life left in it!

Can It Be Repaired or Repurposed?

Check if your old machine can get fixed. Sometimes, a quick fix is all it needs to work well again. If it has missing parts or isn’t working, think about how you might use it for another purpose.

For example, an old step ladder may turn into a bookshelf or flower stand with slight changes. You can also learn from Utah Recycling Alliance and Fix-It Clinics on solutions for repair and reuse.

Saving broken things from the trash helps our earth and saves money, too! So check out that old device before throwing it away; you might give it a new life! Always aim to reuse before recycling or throwing away as part of your sustainable practices.

The importance of recycling

Recycling is vital for our earth. Old appliances have many parts we can use again. We just need to take them apart in the right way. This task is hard but keeps useful things out of our landfills.

It also saves energy because making new products from old ones uses less power than making items from fresh materials. Plus, it lets us hold on to raw stuff for future needs.

So, when you toss an appliance, think twice! Can you recycle it? Or maybe even repair or repurpose? Choose recycling and help keep our planet healthy and clean!

9 Options for Appliance Disposal

There are several ways to dispose of your old appliances responsibly.

1. Local Municipal Trash Pickup

Your city’s trash service might seem like a good way to get rid of old appliances. But it’s important to know that they usually can’t take these items. Salt Lake City, for instance, does not allow appliances in the blue recycling bin.

If you try to use your local municipal trash pickup for this purpose, your junk may stay on the curb. The best option is to look at other ways of getting rid of your old stuff. You could try selling them online or donate them if they still work and are in good shape!

2. Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Renting a roll-off dumpster can be a good choice if you have old appliances. This is often done during remodels. Roll-off dumpsters take many things, even big stuff like fridges or washing machines.

But first, check the rules of the service—some items they may not take. Renting a dumpster can make your project cleaner and easier to handle!

3. Sell it Online Marketplaces

You can sell your old items in online markets. Sites like Craigslist, KSL, and Nextdoor make this easy. Don’t forget social media apps! A lot of people check these places to buy used goods.

Selling means you get some money back. Your old appliance gets a new home instead of going in the trash.

4. Do It Yourself Disposal

You can throw away old stuff by yourself. This is easy if your town has a big trash pick-up day. If not, you can use their “bulk waste” service or rent a dumpster for one-time use.

Another way to get rid of things is at the local dump, but be careful! Some items are unsafe to put there, like fridges and freezers with bad stuff inside the foam. You must take these things apart before throwing them out so they do not harm our earth.

5. Hiring a Junk Removal Service

Hiring a junk removal service can make old things go away fast. This group of people takes away things you don’t want anymore. They might charge some money but do all the work for you.

Most services will take your big items like dishwashers or fridges. You have to call them and set up a time for pick-up! One such program in Salt Lake City is Call 2 Haul. They come and get your unwanted stuff without any fuss.

6. Local Scrap Metal Retailers

You can take old appliances to local scrap metal retailers. They will accept them and recycle the metal parts. Shops like these are good for electric kettles and coffee makers, which have lots of metal in them.

Make sure you talk to the shop first before bringing your stuff. They can tell you what they will or won’t take. It’s an easy way to get rid of old appliances while doing something good for the planet.

7. Recycling With a Waste Disposal Service

You can recycle with a waste disposal service, too. Often, they take old appliances. They make sure these items don’t harm our world. You can check if your city has this service. Brands like Best Buy also help with this task.

They run recycling programs for many types of gear and electronics! So, it’s easy to be kind to Earth by using a waste disposal service!

8. Trading With Utility Companies

Your utility company might take your old appliances. They may even pay you for it. This is called a trade-in. You give them your old machine, and they lower your bill. It’s good for the planet and saves you money too! So, next time you need to get rid of an appliance, check with your utility company first.

9. Donate to Charitable Organizations

Charities like The Road Home, YWCA, Palmers Court, and Big Brothers Big Sisters love to take old working appliances. They use them to help families in need. You can also host a virtual yard sale or give away items for free online.

This is another way you can donate your old stuff. The Utah Recycling Alliance even has Fix-It Clinics that teach people how to fix broken things. So before you throw it out, see if one of these groups will take it!

Cost Implications of Appliance Disposal

Depending on your chosen disposal method, it’s essential to budget for the costs involved – whether that’s selling online, hiring a removal service, or recycling.

Cost to Get Rid of Multiple Appliances

Getting rid of many old appliances can cost money. There’s a price for junk removal services or dumpster renting. The price can be high if there are large items like fridges or washers.

Donating working appliances to charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters is a good way to avoid this cost. You could also sell them in a virtual yard sale online. If your appliance needs only small repairs, fixing it might be cheaper than throwing it away and buying new ones.

Cost to Remove and Replace Old Appliances

Getting rid of old things and getting new ones costs money. It’s more for some items and less for others. You might have to pay to remove a fridge or stove from your home. Stores like Best Buy can help with that.

They will take away many types of old machines when they bring the new ones you bought. The Call 2 Haul service in Salt Lake City also picks up stuff like lawnmowers and grills from your house.

When you buy a new item, try asking the store about ways to give back or recycle the old one.

Individual Appliance Disposal Costs

Getting rid of old appliances has a price. Each item has its own cost. A fridge won’t have the same cost as a small toaster. Some items’ big size and weight make them pricier to throw away.

The city’s Call 2 Haul program can help with this, but not all items are allowed. Some stores, like BestBuy, take back old items for free or little money when buying new ones.

This is good because it saves you money and helps the earth too!

Final Thoughts

Disposing of old appliances can be easy. You have many choices like donating, selling, or recycling. Find the best way that works for you and helps our earth. Always remember to think before you toss!

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