Customer Success Stories

Hear from Next Step Living Customers.

We’ve helped more than 115,000 homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient and save on their utility bills. And, they’re happy about it. In fact, 95 percent of our customers say they’d really like to refer us to their friends and relatives. (We know this from ongoing Net Promoter surveys.) Talk about a great review of our work.

Customer Review: Massachusetts Condo Owner Adopts Community Solar to ‘Go Solar’ – Without Any Rooftop Panels

As a condo owner, Catherine L. of Natick, Mass. was unsure of the energy efficiency measures she could take.  Every decision had to be passed by her condo association.Her particular condo has individual units attached side-by-side and one freestanding unit, which is where Catherine lives. Because of these restrictions, Catherine wasn’t sure if she was able to get rooftop solar panels, but was interested in greening her lifestyle in any way possible. But after completing an initial home energy assessment, Catherine didn’t know if there were any other steps she could take.

Rooftop Solar Panels Nearly Eliminate Electricity Bill for Massachusetts Homeowner

Like some homeowners, Regina Davis of Winthrop, Mass., wasn’t quite sure she wanted rooftop solar panels. It wasn’t until her husband Bob (who passed away earlier this year) started researching the benefits of rooftop solar panels that Regina was convinced that maybe solar panels were right for her home, after all.

New Solar Panels Produce More Than 10,000 kwh in First 18 Months for Massachusetts Couple

Some Next Step Living customers start their home energy assessment with nothing but the potential of no- or low-cost high-efficiency light bulbs on their mind. Others, like Kathy and Brent West of Leicester, Mass., know that a truly energy-efficient home reaches far beyond that. And that’s why they decided to go solar with Next Step Living.

Customer Review: Energy-Efficient Windows Bring Big Energy Savings for Massachusetts Couple

When the Meluccis moved to Massachusetts, they bought a fixer-upper and got right down to work. The windows in particular were old and inefficient. After learning how energy-efficient windows could make their home more comfortable and save them up to 15% on their energy bills, they decided to install a whopping 13 of them, and never looked back.  

Retired Construction Pro Is Happy to Leave Weatherization Work to Next Step Living

Ralph Sayward and Patricia Collins were successful in reducing their monthly energy expenses with weatherization.

A Top to Bottom Energy Efficiency Win for One Massachusetts Homeowner

Right when Bill Bingham bought his Lynn, Mass. home at the end of 2013, he knew he had to have it assessed. Along with worrying about closing costs and the right living room paint color, he had one other concern: Energy costs.

Massachusetts Homeowner Fully Insulates Attic for Under $100 After Rebates

Attleboro, Mass., resident Sandy Lacasse faces an issue that many New Englanders do: She has an old home, built almost 100 years ago. Lacasse didn’t know what energy improvements could make her old house more comfortable, and she had no idea where to find out.

Massachusetts Homeowner Cuts Electric Bill in Half After Going Solar

Like other Next Step Living® customers, Acton, Mass., resident Kristen Rivard is busy. What's the one situation where she has time to spare? Waiting in line at the DMV to renew her driver’s license. During her wait, a Next Step Living representative caught the queue’s attention when she asked if any of them had heard of no-cost energy assessments from Mass Save®.

Customer Review: Ductless Mini Split System Improves Comfort, Cuts Heating and Cooling Costs

Maria Dios' beautiful Waltham, Mass. condo, in a converted circa-1920 colonial, had one major shortcoming: Its heating and cooling systems were outdated, inefficient and expensive to run.

Customer Review: Room-by-Room Heating and Cooling Yields Year-Round Savings for Family

It's hard to believe the four-bedroom house that Julie and David Smith bought in 1987 was originally built as a one-room shack in the early 20th century, used for hunting, trapping and fishing.

Customer Review: Weatherization Is a Windbreaker – and a Utility-Bill Slasher – for Homeowner

It sounds like an idyllic New England residence: a four-bedroom Cape just two blocks from Wollaston Beach in Quincy, Mass., with speedy access to Boston. But then there's the wind, "a lot of wind," says owner Deb Tobin, and those maritime air currents were finding ways into the house.

Customer Review: Energy Evaluation, Insulation Save Homeowner Hundreds of Dollars Each Year, Improve Comfort Each Day

It’s been a bad winter. 

"Our house was built in 1918, and the front door is pretty old,” says Simsbury, Conn. homeowner Stephanie Riefe. “When the wind blew, the weatherizing we had done ourselves on the door sounded like a cow – a loud, loud mooing.” And it was drafty. Very drafty.

Customer Review: Connecticut Couple's Energy Assessment Yields Big Savings from Low-Cost Improvements

Comfortably situated in their 1,700-square-foot Glastonbury, Conn., ranch house, Patricia and Joe Bourret, a retired couple, weren't thinking about making an investment in home energy efficiency.

Customer Review: Solar Brings More Power to a Suburban Boston Home, at a Lower Cost.

When homeowner Marie Zinna first came to Next Step Living® for help with energy efficiency improvements, her ambitions were modest: Save a few dollars on monthly electric bills. Little did she know that just a few months later, she and her husband, John, would be the first on their Winthrop, Mass. block to be running every light, electric appliance and even central air conditioning almost entirely on power generated by solar panels on their roof.

Customer Review: Clean-Tech Expert Brings Energy Efficiency Home

Joan Popolo, a homeowner in a western suburb of Boston, isn't the average consumer of home energy-efficiency services. Popolo is programs director ACTION, the Association of Cleantech Incubators of New England, which provides support services for clean-technology entrepreneurs. So when Popolo and her husband decided to contact Next Step Living® for a home energy assessment (HEA) of their own home, she brought a professional perspective to the project.

Customer Review: Boston Homeowner Goes Solar for Clean Power at a Lower Cost

Boston homeowner Alison Felix knew that she wanted to do her part to save energy, reduce the carbon emissions associated with her power use and save on her utility bills. What she didn't know back in 2012 was that Next Step Living® would help her accomplish these goals within just months, by installing an unobtrusive array of solar panels on her roof, ensuring a supply of up to 2.5 kilowatts of clean power at a rate that won’t rise for 20 years.