Raytheon Hones In on Employee Energy Savings.

A Corporate Partnership with Next Step Living®

As a leader in sustainability, Raytheon Company has a long legacy of energy conservation.  In 2013, for the sixth year in a row, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presented Raytheon with the Energy Star® Sustained Excellence Award for its efforts to improve energy efficiency. Raytheon’s employee engagement efforts in recent years have gained particular attention.

With its Next Step Living® partnership, Raytheon is meeting two goals: boosting employee engagement and extending corporate sustainability to its workers’ homes.

Raytheon holds energy awareness events for employees each April around Earth Day, and each October to mark Energy Awareness Month.  Vendors are invited to share products and services available for improving home energy efficiency.  By partnering with Next Step Living, New England’s leading whole-home energy solutions company, Raytheon has successfully helped its people reduce their carbon footprints at home while improving employees’ energy-conservation habits at work.

At the same time, the company has brightened its employer brand with energy leadership that employees can see every month in reduced home energy bills. The Next Step Living partnership has helped the $24 billion defense and aerospace contractor, based in Waltham, Mass., make the home energy-efficiency program a key employee-engagement initiative.

Next Step Living Educates Workers About Residential Energy Efficiency.

To spread the word about improving home energy efficiency, Next Step Living representatives periodically host information tables in employee cafeterias during lunch at seven Raytheon Massachusetts locations. Raytheon employees, for example, find out about getting no-cost Mass Save® home energy assessments.

"Employees were pretty interested from the beginning, and they’ve become more interested, because you get that buzz going," says David Chamberlain, a principal energy engineer who co-leads energy management for Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business unit. “Raytheon has taken this initiative to boost employee adoption of energy efficiency measures at home that help reduce their carbon footprint.  The company also benefits since employees tend to become more energy-aware at work.”

At the lunch sessions, Raytheon employees – a technology-savvy bunch who ask a lot of good questions – learn about home energy-saving measures, ranging from simply upgrading to light bulbs that consume 75 percent less power, to installing state-of-the-art technology such as programmable thermostats or even solar panels that can meet the bulk of some homes’ electricity needs.

Employees Cut Home Energy Bills, Make an Impact.

Since the partnership began, more than 700 Raytheon employees who have visited Next Step Living's lunchtime tables have gone on to request more information about increasing the energy efficiency of their homes.

“The program has made a positive impact," says Chamberlain. "Employees say they appreciate it, and they are signing up for the assessments."

"Employees were pretty interested from the beginning . . . because you get that buzz going."

David Chamberlain
Principal Energy Engineer

Chamberlain took the plunge himself and got an energy assessment of his home. "The assessment called for insulation and air sealing, and the zero-interest financing made it affordable," says Chamberlain.  Next Step Living guides homeowners to the most advantageous combination of rebates and other financial incentives available in their own states and towns.

With an energy-saving plan and affordable financing in place, Next Step Living began making Chamberlain’s home more energy-efficient. "I was really impressed with how hard the insulation crew worked.”

The energy-efficiency improvements have improved Chamberlain's personal bottom line: "We've seen good savings on our heating and cooling bills."

(Editor's note: Starting September 1, 2015, Next Step Living® has partnered with leading solar installer NRG for its customers’ rooftop solar needs.)

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