Use Ductless Mini Splits for Room-by-Room Temperature Control.

The New Heating and Cooling Solution

Are Ductless Mini Splits for You?

An affordable new supplement to conventional heating and cooling systems, ductless mini splits may be right for you if:

  • You heat with oil, propane or electric baseboard heat
  • Your heating or cooling system is 20 or more years old
  • You tend to use certain rooms in your home more than others, or
  • You have window units for air conditioning

What You Should Know About Ductless Mini Splits.

Also known as an air-source heat pump, a ductless mini split uses indoor wall-mounted fan units with an outdoor unit approximately one-third the size of a conventional central air-conditioning condenser to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. No ductwork is required so installation is easy and takes just a day or two.

Like your refrigerator, ductless mini splits use electricity to pump refrigerant and transfer heat from one space to another. Since electricity is used only to pump the heat rather than create it, a ductless mini split dramatically reduces the energy needed to heat and cool your home, which means it is less expensive to run than other heating and methods.

With a ductless mini split, you’re able to direct cool – or warm – air where you want it. This room-by-room control also contributes to cutting your utility bill. You’re not paying for air conditioning or heat in rooms that you may not be using much, if at all.

The cost of installing ductless mini splits depends on your specific needs. The more rooms you want zone-by-zone control over, the higher the price. 

Ductless Mini Splits and the Next Step Living Difference.

As part of our whole home approach to energy efficiency, a Next Step Living advisor will design a plan of action for you that includes a review of available rebates, incentives and financing options.  

Massachusetts residents who’ve had a home energy assessment and qualify for the Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program, may take advantage of the HEAT Loan, a utility-subsidized zero-interest loan for up to $25,000 that can be used to upgrade to a more efficient heating and cooling like a ductless mini split system. 

Please note: Next Step Living is neither a broker nor a lender. Financing is provided by third-party lenders unaffiliated with Next Step Living, under terms and conditions arranged directly between the customer and such lender, all subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only. 

The Impact of Your Ductless Mini Splits.

With a ductless mini split system, you’ll live more comfortably in a more energy-efficient home. You can expect:

  • Savings of up to 50 percent on your home heating and cooling costs compared to electric or oil heat
  • Dramatically reduced energy loss compared to a ducted system: 5 percent versus 35 percent
  • Better air circulation that improves indoor air quality, filtering out allergens

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