We Select the Best for Home Energy Efficiency.

An Exhaustive Review of Suppliers, Manufacturers

When we recommend an energy-efficiency product or service to homeowners, we stand behind that recommendation. That’s why the Next Step Living® product team conducts exhaustive searches for materials and companies that meet our exacting criteria. At the top our list:

  • Impact on the environment. We want to help homeowners live more sustainably and reduce the carbon footprint of their homes. Factors that we consider in making product decisions include the sustainability principles practiced by a manufacturer; the source of the material; and the material used. Was any recycled material used? Is it recyclable?  
  • Increased energy efficiency.  We want our customers to get a return on their investment in home energy efficiency. That’s why we carefully examine data and claims about energy usage, utility cost reduction and increased home values.
  • Interest from our customers.  We want to make our homeowners happy. It’s as simple as that. So, we’re always reviewing feedback and requests to determine what to offer next.

If you think your company has a solution that delivers the value we seek out for Next Step Living customers, please contact us.

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